Oberon has Retired 

​When Oberon came into our lives he changed our world.  At 8 weeks old he entered our house and brought the gentle happy chaos you expect from a puppy!  He excelled at obedience and we were well on our way to trying for a Rally Novice title before he turned one, but at 6 months of age there was a conformation show in Richmond, and his breeders (affectionately referred to as “The Nancies), were going to be there.   They asked us to come to the show so they could “see” him!   Boy were we set up!!   Not only did they look him over, but our future handlers, Heather Bremmer and Kevin Bednar did too.  Plus his future groomer, Sharon Jernigan, groomed him, and what before was all head and wild hair, became something resembling a 6 month old show dog…   

Nancy Cronce and Nancy Sherick are both  great breeders and puppy raisers not to mention being lovely people, and we just liked them both.   They asked us to consider showing him and they all said that he really was beautiful.   We looked at them and thought – "they're kennel blind"!  They see a show dog because they want to, but, we liked them.   So we told them we’d find a conformation handling class around Richmond and see what we could do. Found a class and started training - we were inept, but he needed to get used to the ring process. After a few months, we agreed to do our first set of shows in Hampton VA in May 2014.  Oberon was 11 months old and our only goal for the show - was that he didn't get kicked out of the ring.  

We found a handler at the show site and much to everyone’s utter amazement – Oberon went Best of Breed, over dogs that were already champions, from a puppy class.  The Nancies were thrilled, in fact Nancy Cronce cried.  Then they proceeded to try and do some expectation setting for us…  “This is very unusual!”, “This doesn’t happen often!”,  “Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t get anything tomorrow”.  Apparently they thought we would expect him to win breed every time he went into the ring.  We tried to tell The Nancies that our goal really was not to get kicked out of the ring… but they were worried.   The next day comes, there were a lot more dogs and a lot more champions.  While he didn’t get Best of Breed, he did get Best of Winners.  The Nancies start the expectation settings again… The next day,  Best of Winners again…  They stopped worrying about expectations after that.   Of course Oberon did not win every time he went into the ring – but he has done exceptionally well.   

With limited showings Oberon gained his AKC Championship in less than 11 months and before the age of 2, finishing in style with a 5 point major during  a specialty weekend.  In his entire class career – Oberon was never out of the ribbons. Along the way he also placed in his class at the Golden Retriever National Show, won his class at Eukanuba, and, of course, was awarded Best of Breed over specials at his very first show.   

Once his conformation Championship was complete, we started focusing on obedience.  He gained his Rally Novice title 2 months after his CH, and his Companion Dog title 1.5 months after that.   He qualified on every run for both his RN and CD titles.  And just like in conformation, he finished big – he completed both of those titles by finishing first!  

Oberon completed his Grand Championship before he was 3 (again with limited showings).  Since June 2016, he's been awarded Best of Breed multiple times - again with limited showings including multiple 5 point shows.   He's well on his way to his Bronze GCH

Oberon has a wonderful temperament.   He is exceptionally gentle with puppies and with his girls. He gets along well with other dogs, and he’s never met a person that wasn’t his best friend.​