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GCH Passion’s I Think I Can @ Dunkeld BISS TDI DJ CGC (aka Caboose, aka Boosie, aka Boosie-boo, aka Goat), was born January 7, 2016. 

Caboose came to us at 8 weeks old, when we were not looking for another puppy.  The person for whom Caboose was intended, could not take her – that meant, what we thought would be a year’s wait, ended up being “right now” and we already had an 8-month-old Julep (we swore we'd never do 2 puppies again, and here we were).   Caboose’s breeder called us on a Thursday to see if we were interested.  We were on the road to Tennessee on Friday night and Caboose rode home with us from Nashville to Richmond – straight through, no issues. 


You could not ask for a sweeter girl than Caboose. She loves everyone and everything and she has a Joie de vie that I wish I had.  Eternally happy, she is great with other dogs, kids, puppies and adults.  She has no experience with cats, but I have no doubt she would view them as her next best friend, just as she does everything she meets.  She is smart and easy to train and she has no fear and will jump on or off anything in her path (hence her last nickname).  However, she can sense when we’re about to do her nails, and tries to hide.  She lets us do it, but it is the only think she hates.  Caboose would retrieve all day if she could, on land or water.  Her retrieval drive is stellar.

Caboose is a light gold, with cream feathers.  She has a proper textured coat with a heavy undercoat.  She weighs 65 lbs and is 22” tall at the withers. 

Caboose has an “I love everyone” philosophy so of course has a “everyone loves me” attitude.  Not to mention she was aptly name, with a preference for snuggling with her “caboose” toward you instead of her head.


Caboose started showing in beginner puppy at 4 months, getting a best of breed and a group 2.   She got her first Championship points at 6 months old with a Jr Handler.  She was shown intermittently until she turned 1, while we concentrated on basic obedience and AKC Star Puppy. 

As a puppy, Caboose was awarded Best Puppy at a Specialty Show (BISS), from the Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club, during the AKC National Championship cluster. An exciting win for us and her Breeder.

 At 12 months she received her first major at a large show over much older and more experienced dogs.  Caboose was shown more as she aged  and she steadily added to her Championship point count.  She attained her Championship at 17 months old, from the Juniors class.   We were ecstatic to have her finish at such a young age against more mature competition, including her older “sister” Julep.   

Caboose took a small break from showing to grow up a bit and tried out Dock Diving.  She was a natural!  The only one of ours who didn’t have to think about jumping off the dock the first time (aka Goat).   As time permitted Caboose managed to get her Dock Novice and Dock Junior titles in the Summer of 2018.

Caboose was recognized with an Award of Excellence at the AKC National Championship in December 2017 – she was one of the youngest dogs in the ring at 23 months. 

Caboose completed  her Grand Championship in July of 2018 at 2.5 years old - with limited showing.    

This past summer Caboose also started proving she was smart as well as beautiful and atheltic.  She earned her Trick Novice, Trick Intermediate, and her Canine Good Citizen titles.   We plan on beginning her rally and obedience training this winter.  

Caboose’s handler is Kristin Lyons who does an exceptional job presenting her and making sure she is having fun.  Caboose also was awarded points with then Jr Handler Hope Matkins, with Jamie Lampier and with Kasey Von Engle.   Caboose has proved that she can win with multiple handlers.   

Just like the Little Engine that Could – She knew she Could.   

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