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​Multi-RBIS, BISS GCHG Emery's White Out SDHF OS x GCH Emery's Alice in Wonderland

A Beautiful Champion Golden Retriever with a gentle sweetness

CH Emery’s Mint Julep CD BN DJ (known to her Mom and Dad as Julep or Julepy-jule), was born May 2, 2015 on Kentucky Derby Day . 

Julep came to us when she was 9 weeks old and she rode with us from Houston TX to Richmond VA over a 2 day period.  She was wonderful for the car ride!  No car sickness, no anxiety, and boy did she attract attention as rest stops and the hotel.  That started her belief that she should always be the center of attention!


Julep has a wonderful temperament.   She is great with other dogs, kids, puppies and adults.  Her experience with cats is limited, but she seems to be more interested in figuring out what they are verses chasing them.  She is smart as a whip and very easy to train and eager to learn.  Julep has a tremendous retrieval instinct, especially on water.

Julep is a medium gold, with a reddish tint and lighter feathers.  She has a proper textured coat with a light undercoat.  She weighs 65 lbs and is 22” tall at the withers. 

As stated earlier, Julep loves to be the center of attention, whether on your lap or playing with her Dunkeld siblings or her other K9 buddies. 


Julep was shown briefly as a puppy and was awarded Best of Breed Puppy and a Puppy Sporting Group 3 at her first set of shows.   However, she was slow to mature physically and her awkward puppy stage did not do her any favors in the show ring.  While we waited for her to grow up, we starting her on  obedience.  Julep loved learning how to do the actions required for her Beginners Novice and Companion Dog titles.  She is smart and learned the tasks very quickly. What she didn’t like, was doing those same actions in the ring with a Judge watching 😊.

While she got her Beginners Novice (BN), title with 3 out of 3 attempts and was in the ribbons, she wasn’t really thrilled with actually doing the exercises “for real”.  Practice was great, competition not so much! Of course, she was only 10 months old, and still a puppy and the fact that she could even compete and earn qualifying scores was quite an accomplishment.

Her path to her Companion Dog title wasn’t quite as successful but she still managed to get her three qualifying scores by the time she was 13 months. She finished it in style at a Golden Retriever Specialty and a 2nd place finish.  Again – Julep was just a puppy, earning a title many dogs take years to achieve. 

Julep then took a much-earned break!  While we would enter her into a show here-and-there to keep her skills up, she was primarily a pet until she turned two (visit life as a Kitchens’ Kid to see how she spent her time).  By then, Julep was physically matured and we were ready to go back to the conformation ring.

Julep reentered the show ring in June 2017 at 25 months old and finished her Championship in September 2017 at 28 months old – earning all her points and garnering her 2 majors to complete her Championship requirements in 3 months.  We were shocked (and pleased of course), at how quickly she finished.  Julep has a stunning side gait - when she moves around the ring she floats – and we feel this attribute helped her finish so quickly.  The last thing a judge sees is the side gait, and hers definitely draws attention.

Julep is Grand Championship Pointed - she showed in three cluster in 12 months and received Best of Opposite 5 times.  She may come back out again in the future to complete this title.

Much thanks is owed to Kristin Lyons (our handler), for ensuring Julep was having fun in the ring, making her shine, and guiding her to a quick Championship. 

Julep began Dock Diving in August 2017 and achieved her Dock Diving Jr title in September 2017.  

Julep's next adventure will be the Rally ring.  Because she feels she should be the center of attention, and you can talk to your dog in Rally, Julep should enjoy this competition. 


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